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Developer + Designer
Web Expert
Husband & Father
~ Entrepreneur ~
Professional Career

Right out of high school I started my first business, which was an online ecommerce store selling camping gear. That's kind of what got me started in web development, as I found I had quite a knack for coding and it was something I really loved doing.

I spent the next seven years running an online business, mastering web development, and doing freelance/contract work. In 2014 I decided to diversify so I went to work at Novell as a senior PHP developer. In the years since then, I have bounced around between employed positions (eSpeakers, HospiceSoft, JRW, Grove Menus) and contract work.


I went to Canyon View High School, where I spent the last two years doing both my high school work as well as the first two years of college work. I graduated with an associates degree from SUU in 2006, three weeks before graduating from high school. I began studies at SUU in the fall of 2006 for civil engineering but ended up quitting to start a business.

I believe that education is extremely important, but I think there are more ways to gain an education than college. In my case, I learn extremely well on my own. I'm driven and self motivated, so I was able to teach myself programming quit easily.

Home & Family

I was born and raised in Cedar City Utah, being the second oldest out of 8 kids. I grew up alongside 6 brothers and 1 sister. I moved to Riverton Utah in 2008 where I met my future wife Kayla. We were married in May 2009 and lived in Riverton until moving to Mount Pleasant Utah in October of 2010.

I am the proud father of 4 beautiful children, the two oldest being boys and my two youngest are girls. While I certainly enjoy the work I do and my career is important to me, nothing can compare to the joy and blessing of having such a wonderful and loving family. They are what I live for, and everything I do, I do it with them in mind.

May '06
Graduated from high school and college
Dec '06
Started online eCommerce business
'08 - '14
Freelance / Contract web development
Aug '13
Sold my eCommerce business
Aug '14
Senior PHP developer at Novell
Sept '15
Senior JS/PHP Developer at eSpeakers
Mar '17
Senior PHP/JS developer at HospiceSoft
Jan '20
Lead Developer at JRW Investments